Hello July


Good Morning! as i am having my nice cup of coffee i am reflecting on this month of July. Join me as i tell you what this month has in store for me ! Grab that nice cup of coffee and read along as you get to know a bit about me.

My Birthday is this month!

I was born on July 26th this month i will be 25 years old! Time has definitely flown by pretty fast. I have mixed feelings about turning 25 i am excited yet i have moments where it just feels weird. I am still young and not going through any quarter life crisis yet it just feels a bit strange. I feel that time speed up pretty fast and 25 crept up on me i still have so much i want to (and will) accomplish. When i was much younger i had pictured myself being engaged and settled in a career by 25. I guess that’s what i thought my life had to be like at the time. Now though living in my mid-twenties i don’t let society define who i am or give me a timeline. I know that i am still young and i control my life. I am almost 25 and i am not engaged or even dating yet i am not in a rush to meet just anyone. I have tried online dating and let me tell you i always strike out with the dating apps. If your curious to know more about my online dating experiences i could make an online dating series of posts. As of now though i am continuing to work on myself and if i happen to meet the right guy organically than great! I have been working as a bank teller for almost 3 years now it actually helped shape my college major. I am a business administration major and will be graduating next spring with my A.S. I plan on continuing to get my bachelors but i will take the following summer 2020 off from classes.

I am planing on taking a trip with my family to either Maine or the Cape for my birthday weekend. In all honesty all i want is to by at the beach have a nice Pina Colada or a Margarita ! I can not wait to get a nice tan laying on the beach hearing the sounds of the waves.


Things Your Bank teller wants you to Know


Good morning everyone! Grab your cup of coffee as i give you an insight from a bank tellers point of view!

I do not own this image it is from 123rf.com

1)Be mindful of the hours we open & close

This is one of the most important things i feel everyone should be aware of. I am always glad to share the times my bank opens and closes. Many locations have their hours posted online and posted on the door. I cant tell you how many times i have seen a line of people at the door 20-30 minutes before we open. No matter how many times you tug at the door we can not open it. The employees and managers are at the bank before and after hours to follow with our procedures.The bank i work for opens 10 minutes before we open and closes 10 minutes after normal closing times. If we happen to close due to a holiday or weather we will tell you!

2) Customer vs Non-Customer

If you have an account with a bank you can get certain fees waived at the banks/ branch discretion. Take advantage of the type of accounts they offer and see what account suits you best. As a customer you may have certain benefits that i will explain further along in this post.Non customers- those who do not have an account with the bank have limitations.Cashing a check as a non customer is possible as long as the check is drawn off the bank you are visiting. However there will be a check cashing fee normally between ($6-10) depending on the bank.Banks can not cash a check from another bank if you do not have an account.Non customers have access to do a cash advance off their credit card as long as they have I.D and its their credit card. Foreign currency may also be offered at certain locations for non customers with a limitation of the amount.

*** disclaimer each bank has their own policy and regulations .. i am not an expert but simply a bank teller giving my opinion****

3) Be prepared

Its so important to be ready when you get to the counter especially if there is a busy line! Not sure what deposit slips you need ask a bank teller we are happy to help you! Please know the amount you are depositing we do not want any issues..Its important for us to know the total before hand. Also if a bank teller happens to ask is there anything we can help you with ? Half of the time we can help you with your banking needs and you might not need to sit and wait for customer service.

4) Customer Benefits

So many accounts have different benefits but here are a few basic ones that do not cost you a thing … free statements printed at the bank, pictures of checks from your account,free notary services ( depending on bank ) and free check book registers, no charge for cashing checks from outside your bank ( need to have sufficient funds in order to cash check ..banks discretion).

5) I.D Please

If you are not a known customer and the bank teller has not helped you they need to see your I.D. I.D is asked to protect your account and is important for a bank teller to obtain if need be. If you are doing a large withdrawal an I.D will definitely be needed please hand it to the teller. In most cases the teller will kindly ask you either to glance at it or to take it out. If you do not have an account and are doing a large deposit or cashing a check your I.D is needed. Non customers need to also provide a 2nd form of I.D to cash a check ( credit or debit card with your signature & name works fine in most cases).

6)Drive up Services

Most banks have a drive up services where you use the tube system and no longer the window. We speak using a microphone and a screen so you can see us and we see you. There is a send carrier button to send the tube when you are ready to send your transaction. There is a call button that rings fairly loud when pressed so we hear it.There is no need to press that button repeatedly we heard it and are on our way. The drive up lane is not the fast lane we try our best to help you as quick as we can. However there are times when the bank is busy and we tell you ahead of time it may take a few.

When you send us the tube empty let us know exactly what you need. If you are doing multiple transactions that’s ok just tell us you need xyz ahead of time. It will not confuse most bank tellers it actually helps us save you time ! We are not like an ATM that can just give you money with just a debit card. We need to have you fill out the proper withdrawal slip for either checking or savings with your signature.It does not take 2 minutes to do your transaction be mindful it may take 5-15 min depending on what you have. Lastly do not drive off with the drive up tubes please it does cost the bank money and takes time to recover extras!

7) Cash Counting

This is the most important thing that many do not realize depending on how much cash you want or are depositing a teller has to count it out by hand in most cases. Some locations have the wonderful TCR stands for Teller Cash Recycler which automatically counts the cash notes. This machine is absolutely amazing and it minimizes teller discrepancies.Not having a TCR means that the teller has to verify cash by hand so that large deposit of cash will be fine counted by hand.

Teller Cash Recycler is an image i found on moneyhandlingmachines.com

Its really important you know the amount of cash you are depositing so the teller is aware how much should be there.If for some reason it is off most cases the teller will call for a manager or employee to re count it. Its important i share this information so everyone is aware that a large deposit takes time. If you are in a rush and have a bunch of deposits or large deposits maybe its best you go to the bank with extra time. The bank tellers will not rush under any circumstances so be mindful some may be faster counters than others.

8) Check cashing

Cashing a check as a customer does not cost you anything at all there are just steps! If the check is drawn off the bank and you want it cashed normally its a simple process.The bank teller will check the account the check is drawn from ( verify signature and funds available).

If the bank teller tells you ” refer to the maker or go talk to owner of the check ” or anything similar 9 times out of 10 it means the funds are not there.Bank tellers can not overdraw any account by any means.

Trust me we understand your frustration but we simply can not tell you further information. Bank tellers have to be mindful of each of our customers privacy.We can not say that so and so has no money so all we can say is refer to the maker.If the maker has an issue they can call us and we can discuss it with them.

If you have a payroll check it is cashed the same day (depending on bank).If the check says payroll it should not be a problem to cash it as long as your account is not negative.Remember your bank tellers can help you set up direct deposit its so simple!

Bank checks that are not drawn off the bank have to be deposited and depending on the amount it may take much longer to clear 5-7 business days. If you need, the large sum of money from lets say a lawyer or client a wire transfer is a better option.Some accounts may waive the wire transfer fee ask your teller for more info.

Insurance checks,business and trust checks must be deposited into the account if its a smaller amount an exception might be made.

Double endorsed check cashing normally its not something the bank likes to do often but can make exceptions. If however the check is $1000 or more an endorsement realease form is needed. both parties be present with a Teller and their valid Identification, and an Endorsement Authorization & Release Form must be completed if you choose to cash the check.** depends on the bank policy ***

9) Check deposits

Depositing checks is not a difficult task but be sure to know which checks can and can’t be deposited into your personal account! I have made a list of allowed & not allowed items for a personal account.

  • Personal checks that are made payable to you are (allowed)
  • Payroll check made payable to you (allowed)
  • Spouses / family member/ Partner if joint on the account {yes !if not a signature is required and endorsement release if 1,000 and up.}
  • Check made out to you and someone else who is not on the account (not allowed )
  • business checks made out to business name must be deposited in a business account only( not allowed)
  • checks made out to a trust must be deposited into a trust account ( not allowed )
  • checks made out to children who are minors ( are allowed )
  • checks that are stale dated 6 months old from written date ( not allowed exceptions might be made …)
  • Post dated checks made out for the next day may sometimes be deposited normally on weekends **depends on bank *** ( sorta allowed)
  • Post dated checks more than 1 day can not be deposited and the customer has to come back (not allowed)

if a check is missing a date or your name on the check the bank teller can not have you fill that information out. Please make sure you check to make sure the person who gives you the check fully writes it out. You can not write on the check it will be considered altered and no longer good. The maker of the check can make changes with an initial next to the change. If we deposit a check that has the wrong year it may become returned by the back office even if its a small amount. The return fee varies some cases its $15 if a check gets returned ( they take the amount out of your account plus fee).

Alright everyone these are the most important banking tips i could come up with so far ! Did you like this post give me a like ! Share your thoughts with me by sending a comment do not hesitate ! If you would like more of these posts let me know !

**** Disclaimer i am not an expert i am a bank teller giving my opinion and insight. Bank policy may be different depending where you go ! This is a general idea from the bank i currently work for ****


7 College Essentials

Good Morning everyone ! Join me with your cup of coffee as i go over college essentials. I feel that these items are all very important for all college students. I am currently a college student with two more semesters left before I graduate!

1) Planner

Its so important to write down whats due and schedules for class and work. I remember when finals week came and I had a final paper due at 12 am…. I had to work at 7 am the next day so I barely slept. I did not use my planner that week and I would of been prepared had I used it . You can buy a nice planner anywhere I bought mine from Marshalls but Target also has a nice selection!

2) Laptop

I have said this before in my previous college advice post but a laptop is an important investment! I love having the mobility of my own laptop Vs only using the Library desktop. Having your laptop in college is so important.Many classes require you to have access to one! Refer back to my previous college blog for information on whats free to use on your laptop!

3) A Good Backpack or Purse

You should consider buying a durable backpack or purse that you can use all year! Trying to run around with a small bag or just a hefty binder and books is not ideal! Amazon has a great deal on all kinds of backpacks!Pinterest has a ton of bag ideas for a more girly chic style.

4) Water Bottle

I prefer a glass water bottle its Eco friendly there’s no Bpa either! You can use it for ice tea, orange juice but don’t forget water ! Its so important to stay hydrated in the warmer months, Not many class rooms have air conditioner or windows! My favorite one i bought is from Tj Max or Marshalls. I saw some pretty ones on Amazon!

5) Snacks/Lunch

Depending on how long your at college for the day a lunch packed might be a good idea! I will admit i have had the occasional lunch near my college. I have access to so many resturant to eat from!To many temptations! But i learned to bring snacks to keep me going throughout my classes! Melissa from Bless this Mess is a blogger that gives all kinds of recipes i happened to find her post on “10 Healthy Snacks You Can Prep in Advance”

Melissa’s Meal prepped snacks! Super easy in mason jars!

6) A Mini Stapler!

Trust me you will be using this more than you realize! None of my professors had a stapler in class yet they wanted everything to be stapled!

**Just for laughs *

7) Medicine/ Mini First Aid

Its always a good idea to carry some Tylenol, Motrin and Excedrin for those days when you don’t feel good! Ladies get yourself some Midol Complete ( purple box ) It helps with those really bad days ! Also create a mini first aid to keep with you. I would fill it with all the things you need!

Enjoy the rest of your day ! I hope these tips helped i am planning on doing more soon ! I have a bonus blog post coming this week be on the look out ! **** No company pays me to influence products. I just started this blog as a hobby and I enjoy it ! *****

Freshly “Brewed” Start


Thanks for joining me!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to My Blog Site Coffee & Confidence! The idea for the name came to me from a quote. I have searched everywhere for the original source where it came from but could not find it! My reason for choosing this site name comes from my love for coffee and the reminder of being confident. Confidence is very important to have we need to feel secure about who we all are as individuals. Join me every Monday & Wednesday morning I will post on this blog! Grab your cup of coffee or tea whatever you prefer and read my blog posts! Please feel free to comment and give me ideas about what you would like to read about! Follow this blog 🙂

Some topics I will be writing about include; my life, advice, beauty product reviews, college student life and, life in my mid 20’s.



Quotes that matter

Hi everyone i’m sorry for posting late ! ive had busy couple of weeks so much has been going on in my life. July has been one hectic month so far with personal things going on regarding my family.

Family is so important in my life and i found this lovely quote on Pinterest. I am so blessed and thankful to have wonderful parents and a younger brother. Grateful for my parents for being present in both my life and my brother. I realized that not everyone has parents that are in their children’s life. My parents have taught me so much and i am beyond grateful for them. Living at home with my parents i do not feel like a child as an adult. I am treated as an adult with the benefits of having a loving and supporting family.

Online Shopping Update !

So remember my first post about online shopping i mentioned i bought a pair of jeans from Fashion Nova! Well here is my review on those jeans Turnin Heads Mid Rise jeans.

Ok so i cant insert a picture of me wearing them because they did not fit sadly! I was looking forward to wearing these jeans! The material is good but it looks two sizes smaller than expected. I wear a size 9 but the jeans looked more like a 7/8 they do not stretch at all. The color is as expected and the style is lovely but again unfortunately it is not true to size. I was disappointed to find out about the return policy requires you to pay for shipping which is not worth returning. $10 for shipping is ridiculous i have to pay for it separate meanwhile i would have received a Fashion Nova credit. The credit i do not mind its the fact i paid almost $20 and i have to pay $10 to ship the jeans back. I guess ill have to wait til the jeans fit once i get more in shape. I honestly do not think i will shop here again just based on the sizing and return policy.

For those of you who have shop at Fashion Nova how did you find your size? Did you have the same problem when buying jeans? What do you recommend ?

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Bachelorette Season 15

If you have not seen this show already you should watch it ! Bachelorette is a show on ABC it airs on Monday’s 8/7 c .. I have been watching The Bachelor & The Bachelorette on ABC for a long time now and i love it! This will be the start to another series ~Ranked Right .

Hanna B is the Bachelorette !

Meet Hannah B

Hannah B was on Colton’s Season of the bachelor before she became the bachelorette! She is from Alabama and was in beauty pageants growing up ! In the bachelor Hannah B holds herself back and tries to be perfect. In the end she tries to change but the connection with Colton is not there. I was both surprised and happy that Hannah was picked as the Bachelorette. On this season of the bachelorette we see another side of Hannah we see her real raw emotions. This season is so different Hannah is in control and does not hold anything back. She has a bunch of great guys who all have different personalities. However be ready for a bunch of twists and turns this season is full of them!

That was awkward for Kevin …..

Meet the Men

My favorite man on this show i am rooting for is Tyler C i hope he is the one! Not only is he so handsome ( gives me Patrick Swayze vibes a little resemblance ) but he is such a gentleman! How he treats and looks at Hannah he loves her and honestly they would be a perfect match ! The chemistry this two have together is undeniable! I can not wait til next Monday ! Its home towns week the last 4 men standing …Hannah goes to all of their home towns to meet their family!

Ranked Right Review

This show and season gets 5 stars from me it is so much better this season! I do not feel like any of it is scripted. Many unexpected things happen throughout this season just watch and see ! I honestly am thankful that this show’s aired time is 1 hr and 30 min ! This show is so intriguing you cant stop watching it !

Thank you for reading my blog post ! Do you like this type of content ? Have you seen this show? What are your thoughts ? Comment on this post and give me a follow! I did not want to give spoilers away!

13 College Tips To Save Money!

Good Morning everyone ! Grab that cup of coffee and get ready ! The college series has just begun! I’m creating these blogs to help all college students! You can always refer back to these when you start college for any semester!

1) Save Money on books !

When i first started college i made the mistake of only buying my text books from the book store! Even if your teacher claims its only available in the bookstore please check the following : Amazon,Chegg,Vital source and sometimes craigslist !I have had great experiences with finding books on Amazon, Chegg,Vital source and craigslist.

Before you buy the brand new edition of your textbook ask your professor if later versions of the book (1st, 2nd, 3rd edition etc) are acceptable for class. I have had professors that preferred their students save as much money as possible!The oldest edition had similar information in many cases it was fine as long as it was the same series/author !

Lastly sell your books if you no longer need them! I have sold my books on craigslist. (well my dad actually met up with the other students father and sold my book) It worked out just fine! I sold my over priced text book from the school store at a reasonable price! You can always find a way to be safe when selling your books and can meet up some where public like the college or any public space! Maybe you could swap a book with another classmate who no longer needs their book for a class you will take ! You might just have a book they need !

2) Student Discounts!

This is another important factor every college student should realize we get discounts for so many things! The big one is Amazon Prime Student you get a free 6 month trial by signing up with your college student email. After the trial is over all you pay is $6.49 a month! Prime includes free 2 day shipping and Prime Video and much more! Student Beans and UniDays offer’s discounts on fashion, food & drink (shipped to you ),Travel, Health & Beauty and more! Both Student Beans and UniDays are similar offering so many discounts but be on the look out they both offer different discounts! Norton anti virus is 50% for students using Student beans !

3) Free

Yes you read that right Free as in no money coming out of your wallet! So Microsoft is free for students and teachers. Again enter that Student email from your school and you are easily enrolled and gain access to Word,Excel,Power Point and One note. I had a wonderful teacher tell me years back when i first started college! I was so thankful i did not have to purchase Microsoft! Best part its so easy to sign in and download to your laptop! No need to save anything to a flash drive just save and sign in on any laptop and your work is still there!

Google! I love Google slides to create power points especially when doing group work. Balancing college and work it becomes hard to meet up to do a group project! However, Google slides can have everyone join in at once and participate! Again so simple everyone just needs to have or create a google account and share the presentation. The Google slides can be saved as a PDF, ODP, JPEG image,PNG image, Plain text and converted to Power Point slides. Many of my professors just had us sign in and out of our google account to present our slides.

4) Tuition Reimbursement

Depending where you work they may offer Tuition Reimbursement ask your boss if its something the company you work for offers! I work at a bank and they do offer it as well as a discount to a university that offers a bunch of online courses!

5) Financial Aid / Scholarships

I can not stress this enough apply to scholarships and Fasfa for grants that you do not have to pay back. I am 24 years old and i have not had to take out any loans! I did apply for Fasfa and maintained a great Gpa. I also was given a scholarship opportunity for a semester. It is possible to avoid taking out a loan ! I am currently in community college finishing my A.S in Business Admin before i transfer to get my B.S in Business Admin. Going to community college first has helped me save so much money on college! I will be able to transfer a majority of my credits to use towards my B.S degree. Fastweb is a website that has so many scholarship opportunities that are available! Reach out to your guidance counselor for more scholarship opportunities!

6) Make a Budget

Making a budget is so important even more so if you live alone! Create a budget to keep track of your spending and keep yourself in check ! I remember one week i realized i spent to much money at Dunkins! It may be a good idea to take a break from eating out so much and start buying groceries. There are so many apps out there that can help you make a budget like Mint (Android & Apple) and Daily Budget Original (Apple only) Pocket Guard (Apple &Android).

7) Student Checking Account

When you open up a student checking account it is free for a limited time either until your 24 or 5 years which ever comes first. TD Bank, Chase, Bank Of America and US Bank all offer student checking accounts! * If you open account at 17 yrs old you need a parent or guardian or sibling who is older to be on the account with you**

8) Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a great way to boost up your credit score or help you earn credit! Do not use a credit card to freely spend more than you can afford. The best Credit card to start would be Capital one ! You may start with only $300 credit limit but it will increase after first 5 consecutive payments! You want to monitor your credit card usage so use no more than 20-30% or less! Once you use it quickly pay it before or when its due. I like to pay my credit card as early as i can so i do not need to stress it. If you have a carry over balance you will get interest APR % on top of that balance for the next cycle. Its better not to have a balance that carries over to the next cycle! Also cash advances are not worth it! Beware of the temptation of taking cash from your Credit card! Not only is there a $10 or 3% fee which ever is greater ! You get charged another interest fee! To many fees to take out borrowed cash! Just do yourself the favor and only use it only for purchases!

9) Live off campus

I would highly recommend living at home or with room mates vs living on campus! University dorm prices and meal plans are so pricey you are better off living off campus! Do you really want to spend thousands of dollars to live in a dorm with 2-4 other people? and Sharing one bathroom? Think about the cost of living in that dorm for a semester or more is it worth i? I personally think you can make the college experience of meeting others in a different way! I will get into details in another future blog stay tuned!

10) Use the free resources on campus

Every college is different but they all offer resources to help you study or get better in a particular subject. No need to pay for a tutor if a resource center with staff who know the subject are available! Go to the library to print out assignments most cases its free to print! Also ask your college librarian if the text book for your class is available to use while you are there! Many cases they offer a few copies you can borrow while you are in the library! Pay attention to the resources your college offers and use them!

11) Opt out of some college fees

This is another important factor! When you sign up for college classes each semester you will notice a huge fee for Health insurance that they provide you with ! If you have health coverage that qualifies you can get it waived and that deducts around $3,000 or more depending how much the fee is set for. Some colleges have a small fee that funds the college you do not need to pay this fee.

12) Use coupons!

I personally have used coupons and it has helped me save money! It helps when you make a list and look for good deals. I like buying some things in bulk it helps with not having to spend so much on those items in the future.CVS is my absolute favorite place to shop you earn Extra Bucks ( CVS bucks accumulated from savings or given when you buy certain items). I also use manufacture coupons from the local newspaper or printed from Coupons.com and redplum.com. You can also pay for specific manufacture coupon that are sent to you by mail! I used Wecouponclipz and it worked for me!

13) Stock up on college essentials

Finally my last important tip is to stock up on college essentials such as office supplies, loose leaf paper, journals and more stationary products! Over the years i have stocked up and still have a stockpile of stationary items! Staples,Office depot,Target,Walmart and, Amazon are my go to places!

Buy a durable bag/purse to use on campus!

There are so many options out there it depends on your preference! Kathryn June has a YouTube video about whats in her bag i am featuring her video so you get an idea for the type of purse to use!

I also found a video by Chris Ramsey Jr. He made a whats in my bag video with a neat backpack!

Invest in a Durable Laptop

This is an absolute must have! I love having my own reliable laptop and it is so much more convenient to have with me at college! Best Buy has the best deals you can get an open box, clearance, refurbished and pre-owned. I know what your thinking why invest in a pre owned or already opened laptop! Well its simple you get an amazing deal on a pricey laptop! The Geek Squad is always available to help with your technological needs! I bought an Open box Lenovo ThinkPad X380 that was originally almost $1500 for $700 open box it was never used it was labeled open box because it was a prior display! I have had the laptop for 1 year now and its been the best investment !

These are all the main important tips i can think of that are beneficial for saving money in college! Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me.What else would you like me to blog about?Like this post and please give me a follow!

* Disclaimer i am not affiliated with any of the companies i mentioned ! No one is paying me *

Thank You all for reading ! 🙂

Online Shopping!

Hi Everyone! My apologizes for posting so late i will be posting content Monday & Wednesday mornings starting next week and moving forward!

Online shopping has been the way to buy all kinds of items clothes and more! I have been trying to find a bathing for the summer and have no clue where to buy from! I was looking at SHEIN a website a few coworkers suggested and have been conflicted because i like to try clothes on before buying them. I have bought online from stores i know the quality like Forever 21, Kohl’s and Macy’s to name a few. I have shopped from Amazon for mainly home goods and office supplies. I did buy a shirt from Amazon and the quality was pretty good. When it comes to new sites that sell things at an incredibly cheap price i tend to take caution. I try to always resort to YouTube and look for reviews on clothes from sites I’ve never heard of.

SHEIN has cheap clothes that look really pretty and good for the price that is marked online. I have done my research on YouTube and i came across Yocy’sWorld where Yocelyne does a review/haul on SHEIN and many others. I absolutely love her taste in fashion and her genuine review of the clothes.

I might just buy one or two clothing pieces from SHEIN soon and see if i get luck! Let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a blog post review on SHEIN.

Fashion Nova

I recently just made my 2nd Fashion Nova purchase i never bought jeans from here but so many people swear by them! I have came across so many positive feedback – jean hauls/reviews on YouTube. The prices of the jeans on Fashion Nova vary but they are pretty reasonable ! Fashion Nova has 20 % off sale going on too which makes it an even better deal! I just bought these Turnin’ Heads Mid Rise Jeans in the light blue wash. I would love to do a review on these as soon as i get them! The sizes currently available in the light wash are 0, 1, 3, 5, 7,9,11 and 13. These jeans are available in a dark wash but sizes are limited to 0,1,3,5 and 7 as of June 26th 2019.

What do you think ? Do you like shopping at Fashion Nova ? Have you had good experiences?

My thoughts on Online Shopping

I have had mixed online shopping experiences some things worked out others just didn’t! Amazon is one place i like to shop online because of the variety of things and reviews! Product reviews are so important i always read through them or look for pictures to determine if i should buy it. With that being said i always try to do product reviews to give others my feedback to help ! When it comes to buying clothes online i have stuck to known brands that i have felt and seen the quality in person. I want to branch out and try new online shops because why not? The advice i would give to those looking to try new online shops would be look at reviews before you buy! I was tempted to buy from this site Cicilookshop which appears to be a normal website! Apparently it is not a trusted site and i have seen no reviews on YouTube. The prices are very cheap and the clothes are very pretty but i could of gotten scammed. So when buying online please remember to do some digging before you buy anything!

* I am not getting paid by any of the companies i mentioned i am just sharing information to help other ladies out!*

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